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From regular kids from the block to one of the most popular choreographers in Europe. EZtwins in Spotlight!

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DanceAware: Hallo Ziga & Enej, we are glad to have you both here today! In the dance industry you are known as the EZtwins. With your bold precision and creativity you are influencing the European dance scene for years now. How did it all begin? What was your first encounter with dancing and who’s idea was it?

EZtwins: We were regular kids from the block, training football and doing Karate like other boys from our area until we started watching MTV. That was our first introduction to urban dances and we got interested in it. We both decided that we wanted to do break dance but they didn’t have that at our local dance school so we signed in for what was called Hip Hop and now here we are.

DanceAware: How is it working as twin brothers? Is there any kind of rivalry between you guys?

EZtwins: Working together has pluses and minuses. We have one another that we have to take in account when creating so some times that is a blessing and some times its just hard to get on the same page about what we want from the creative process. We don’t see each other as rivals only as healthy competition which drives us to be better.

DanceAware: Many people only recognize you as „the twins“. What differs you two from one another? EZtwins: Even though that everybody knows us as EZtwins we are individuals with different personalities and characters. People that know us better can notice the difference.

DanceAware: Are there any differences regarding dancing? Describe your unique style. EZtwins: Many people say that when we dance we look the same but we can notice the little differences between us. Our style originates from big, clean movement but we aim to be versatile so we use our basic training and implement it with smooth and detailed movement as well.

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DanceAware: Which one of you is more successful with girls? EZtwins: HAHAHA! We never compare ourselves when it comes to girls. Plus we are really busy with our career so we don’t have as much time for girls as we would like.

DanceAware: You have been part of the legendary MAESTRO CREW (Slovenia) for a pretty long time. How do you remember the time back then? EZtwins: Being a part of a crew was one of our best experiences. Dance wise that was the time that we grew really fast and at the same time we gain a lot of experiences on international stages. It was a good time of our dance career, it made us realize what we want from it and there for we eventually started with EZtwins.

DanceAware: Why did you quit the crew and how did it feel? EZtwins: We finished with our chapter as the part of Maestro crew because of many reasons but lets say that we just didn’t have the same goals with the team any more. At the end we appreciate the time spent with the boys but we are really satisfied with where we are right now and are glad that we decided for a different path. We are still good friends with everybody from the crew.

DanceAware: As dancers and choreographers you already achieved a lot. Slovenia’s Got Talent, teaching at several camps like the BEATCAMP and Fairplay and also performing for and with many artists. What would you still like to achieve in your career? What are your future plans? EZtwins: Options with dance are endless and we are opened to many things that would fill us as individuals and artists. We would definitely like to travel all the continents (not Antarctica) sharing our interpretation of dance. Also working in the industry as choreographers. Theater experience with a show that we will be a part of as choreographers and dancers is also something on our bucket list. In the future we will expand our name in the new community of Holland (we moved to Amsterdam 2 months ago), in March we are going to have a workshop tour in Zimbabwe and South Africa. In our line of profession the future is never predictable so we just stay open and ready for the possibilities that are coming our way.

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DanceAware: You also danced in a Bollywood movie and traveled for a job to Shanghai? How did you experience working in Asia? EZtwins: The Bollywood movie was actually shot in Slovenia but it was still an interesting experience to work with them. Our Asian experience that took us threw a few Chinese cities where we performed on a TV show, taught workshops and worked on a dance tutorial was amazing. Being on the other side of the world, knowing that dance brought you there is priceless. We have also been to Korea for a music video shoot and a concert with an artist. Both countries are totally different but they offered us a new insight on the world and the possibilities that are there. We definitely want to go back.

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DanceAware: Dancing and choreographing is a manner of hard work and constantly learning new things. Do you have any advices for beginner dancers out there and maybe some pro-tips regarding choreographing and performing on stage? EZtwins: Tips for anybody that is trying to make it in the dance world would be; Stay consistent, surround yourself with people that inspire you and make you feel good. Be present in the community (take classes, travel, post videos), have a clear goal and have a plan how you will get there. One of the most important things that we noticed on our way is that you need to work on yourself, with that we mean work on being satisfied with yourself, happy and confident.

DanceAware: What does „I AM DANCEAWARE“ mean in your opinion? EZtwins: In our opinion Danceaware stands for, deeper conection with yourself through dance.

Thank you for your time Ziga & Enej. Hope to see you again soon!