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Camillo Lauricella [INTERVIEW] – DanceAware
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Camillo Lauricella [INTERVIEW]

From little Michael Jackson to X-Factor & millions of views on YouTube.

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DanceAware: Hello Camillo, Thank you for your time! You are a big name in the dance biz for years now and you were standing on many international stages as a dancer and a choreographer. What fascinates you about being on stage?
Camillo: What fascinates me the most is the possibility to share my love and passion for dancing with so many people. It is a blessing to make people smile with something that makes you happy as well. I am really thankful for that!

DanceAware: Do you still have to fight with stage fright and do you remember your first stage performance?
Oh yes… I‘m still fighting stage fright and it‘s good! It shows me that it means a lot to me. I would be bothered if I didn‘t get any nervous anymore. And yes, I can remember my first stage performance very well. I was 6 years old and performed as little Micheal Jackson in front of 2000 people. I am never going forget this!

DanceAware: Why dancing? How did you start?
Why I started? Simply, because I had a lot of fun dancing. As a little kid you don‘t think a lot, you just do things you like. I started imitating Michael Jackson and so it all began. Though I realized much later that I want to make dancing to my profession.

DanceAware: You worked as a choreographer for German TV shows like „Got to Dance“ (Pro7/SAT.1), „Dance Dance Dance“ (RTL) and also for „So You Think You Can Dance“ in Portugal and in the Ukrain. 4) What were your experiences working in the TV business?
Camillo: You have to be flexible. Be prepared to change things instantly and to improvise. In these situations it is crucial to stay calm.

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DanceAware: We remember your YouTube success from the year 2010. Nika Kljuns and yours dance video of „Telephone“ – Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce hit 1.5 mio views on YouTube. Did you expect such a success? Did this video probably jumpstart your career?
Nika and I choreographed this piece late night in my living room. We both couldn‘t sleep so we started to create a choreography out of boredom. Did we expect it? Never. You also have to consider that having so many views on YouTube was a big thing back than in 2010! Having more than 1 Mio. was just incredible and definitely a big boost for both of us. As we then hit 4.5 Mio. views in 2015 with our video to Britney Spears „Hold It Against Me“ we were just speachless. I never expected things like this to happen, I am just happy and thankful that people like our work.

DanceAware: How would you describe your dance style? 
That‘s a great question… Most people would tell that my dance style is energetic, clean, big and on point. Very suitable for stage performances as a tour or a background dancer.

DanceAware: Camillo you travalled a lot during your career, also to THE MOST legendary dance studio in LA (Los Angeles) – the Millennium Dance Complex. What is special about this place?
Camillo: The first I was in LA and in the Millennium Dance Complex, I was a 17 years old teenager. I knew the dance studio from TV and that many superstars like Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Usher or Britney Spears rehearsed there or their choreographers teach there. The Millennium Dance Complex is just „the place to be“! Simply being there and taking classes was a dream come true. I never thought that one day I am going to teach there myself. The first time I saw my name on the schedule board I really got goosebumps. It was (and still is) something very special for me!

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DanceAware: What lacks the german dance scene compared to the USA and why?
Camillo: What really lacks the german dance scene are the opportunities you have in the USA. In Germany, you just don‘t have as many different teachers / choreographers you can learn from on a high level as in the United States. You also don‘t have so many auditions for music videos, TV shows or commercials to choose from.

DanceAware: You are an idol for a lot of dancers out there. What were/are your idols?
As a dancer, definitely Michael Jackson. But I look up to every human being that is ambitious about following his own dreams, believes in himself, respect and love others and never forget where he came from.

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DanceAware: Many of our readers would love to hear some tips. What are your pro-tips for beginners?
Every beginning is hard. Many dancers want to perform the most impressive moves from day one instead of learning step-by-step. Dancing is art and you have to learn how to control your body first. And the best way to do so(not just for beginners!), is to take as many dance classes as possible in every style. Training on dancing is like training muscles. When working out you don‘t train just one muscle but all kind of different ones to achieve your dream-body. The same is with dancing, so it doesn‘t matter whether it‘s Locking, Popping, Jazz, contemporary, Salsa or Ballet… you don‘t have to be a pro in every style but an overall basic training leads you to control your body better , find your own style and bring it to perfection.

DanceAware: Where does your journey goes from here Camillo? Any future goals or projects you are going to work on?
Camillo: No, there is no specific goal I am working on. I just take every opportunity that comes my way and if nothing goes wrong I am going to spend some time in the USA in 2017.

Thank you for your honest interview Camillo!