Tips for all beginner dancer or them who maybe want to re-entry the dancing world. With our 5 Best Tips for Beginner Dancers Ever, you are going to pick up routines faster, you will increase your execution skills and have lot of fun!


1. Musicality matters.

Dancing is all about expressing yourself through music, so you have to pay very close attention to what you are actually dancing to. Here are some important questions you have to ask yourself; What sounds am I hitting? When do the sounds appear? What tempo is this particular piece of music? What mood and style does the song represent? Clarifying these questions while learning a new piece or returning to improve an old one will make the dance classes you are executing look better instantly!


2. Watch and learn!

Sometimes it’s better NOT to dance but to watch your teacher instead (especially when he tells you to)! If you really don’t get a new combo or there are details your eyes couldn’t see at first, take your breath and observe the choreographer executing the moves. We guarantee that you will suddenly see and hear things you didn’t notices before!

3. Huuh?

If you are having a hard time with a move or you don’t understand the musicality behind a new piece, don’t hesitate to ask! It is your teachers job to explain in to you. But please, try to figure it out by yourself first. You can avoid a lot of unnecessary questions by simply watching the piece a couple of more times. The questions remained? Ask politely, your teacher will be glad to help you!


4. I can’t take it anymore…

Remember, a dance class is still a CLASS! Don’t put too much pressure on you. Neither it is a performance nor an audition for a big gig. Put your focus on learning new things and having fun instead of competing against your classmates. The success will come over time.

5. Learning by doing.

The most trivial and probably the most effective tip from our list, is to take classes and by that we mean lots of them! Learn as much and you can from every style you can take classes on. Don’t focus on stuff you know but on stuff you don’t! Modern and ballet isn’t your type of dance? Try it anyway. Get out of your comfort zone and grow to become a versatile and open minded dancer and human being.


I don’t remember.

Are you struggling memorizing and executing new choreographies? There is a simple dance tip / body hack you can use to boost your memorization and execution skills to a new level! We are talking about muscle memory! How does it work? When a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created for that specific task / move, so you can perform it without conscious effort. Great, isn’t it?! And you can even amplify this effect by increasing the intensity of the movement! What does all of this means for us dancers? Repeat the moves you want to learn as often as you can and also dance them as full out as you can, so a muscle memory can be created! That will improve your execution and also help you to memorize choreos faster, because you won’t need to remember certain moves at all. Try first and thank us later!

Do you like our dance tips? Do you miss any good ones on our list? We’d love to hear your suggestions!